I started BrooklynPetite out of understanding the frustration that comes with going thrifting as a petite curvy woman and not being able to find my size, specifically denim! 
My love for going thrifting shopping started my freshmen year of college after my best friend introduced me to some spots in NYC because I couldn’t really afford my sense of style back then but still wanted to be on trend while on a very tight budget. Around the same time, I started my blog talking about how to look your best while on a budget. While it wasn’t the easiest for me, I finally built a way of going thrifting that works best for me. While my passion for my blog grew and my petite and curvy community grew, I kept seeing women who lived out of NYC all share the same issues when it came to thrifting and it was them not finding things in their sizes, I decided I wanted to create a shop a thrift/vintage e-com shop that can help women who deal with the issues of not finding things their sizes that are cute, trendy and within their budget! When I first started my shop the only thing, I knew I wanted to do was just make someone happy about finally finding a pair of whatever pieces of clothing it is that can finally fit them and I hope to finally get the chance to do so.